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Deed Of Foundation:

...Goals of the Foundation: to support Christian organizations and individuals in Hungary and over the border, to implement educational, cultural, and health projects: training, further training, and communications.
The non-profit activities of the Foundation, in compliance with Point C/1, Section 26 of Act CLVI/1997, shall be the supporting of health preservation, the prevention of diseases, and healing and rehabilitation activities; in compliance with Point C/2, social activities, family support, and elderly care; in compliance with Point C/4, training and education, development of skills, propagation of knowledge; in compliance with C/5, cultural activities; and in compliance with C/19, the promotion of Euro-Atlantic integration...

The Foundation's assets shall be handled by the Board of Trustees, which shall consists of a Chairman and two members, all of them appointed by the Founder. The assignment of the Board of Trustees shall be for an indefinite period of time.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees:
Dr Ildikó Endreffy (DOB: 8 Nov 1943; mother's name: Mária Lukács)
Members of the Board of Trustees:
Dr Józsefné Kapitány (Secretary)
(DOB: 15 Sept 1933; mother's name: Rózsa Horváth; maiden name: Éva Bajzák),
István Bugarin-Horváth (DOB: 16 Aug 1958; mother's name: Mária Irinyi)

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