Deed of Foundation
Agreement of Cooperation
Our Documents

The Foundation for Christianity was established on 30th September 1996 in order lo support Christian organizations and individuals in Hungary and abroad. The purpose is being involved in solving educational, cultural, health and social problems of Christian organizations and institutions as far as our resources permit.

The Foundation for Christianity is an initiative of private individuals, so its financial resources are limited. It needs supporters who agrees with its goals and who feel ready to offer their donations.

The Foundation soon after it had started its work found the way of supporting Christian elementary schools working in difficult circumstances and re-started their educational work amongst hardships. They received computers from the Foundation, and the equipment proved extremely useful in the educational as well as in other activities of the schools.

Our possibilities are endless, provided that our Financial resources back up our endeavours. The Foundation is open, everyone who accepts the enclosures of its Charter is welcome to join. Any support qffered to the Foundation is regarded as a public commitment from th aspect of taxation.

Our bank account number:
Commercial and Credit Bank Hungary
4400 Nyíregyháza Bessenyei tér 3.
10404405 - 44022374-00000000
Our tax no.: 18797466-1-15


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